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The effective marketing with the vertical video

The effective marketing with the vertical video

Since the appearance of Snapchat and InstaStories, our habits have changed. Unconsciously we often take moments vertically. In fact, a research shows that 94% of people hold mobile phones vertically. Is this habit seen by Instagram as an opportunity? Can be. Does Instagram have the vision from the beginning to compete with Youtube? Maybe. Apart from that, you can visit the Marketing Xtreme blog to know more marketing tips.

Then, why does your brand also have to take advantage of these opportunities?

People access social media through smartphones
This is a fact a few years ago. Almost every year there are always statistics that show smartphone usage every day. According to Digiday, it is predicted that by 2018 people will access social media via a smartphone for 3 hours 20 minutes. Far compared to access using a desktop that is only 40 minutes.

As a brand, of course, the data can be an opportunity. Content released by the brand must also adjust to the audience, namely using a smartphone.

The majority use smartphones vertically

Changes in smartphones follow the times. Since the beginning of its existence, mobile phones have been used for telephones and the design has been tilted like a public telephone to make it easier for people to talk. The same is true for the emergence of gaming phones like NGag to make it easier for users to use 2 hands.

Most recently, a 16: 9 screen is getting longer to make it easier for us to watch videos, and the headset hole starts to appear at the bottom to make it easier for us to pull the cellphone from the pocket when listening to music.

Times are constantly changing but one thing is certain, we are increasingly busy and always want to hurry. Do many people want everything only on one platform like Instagram? Can be. Data also shows that 94% of people use their smartphones vertically. Coupled with the habits of people who watch Instastory vertically in their spare time. Even those habits can eventually become a common thing.


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