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The Importance of Choosing the Right Golf Stick

For lovers of hobby golfers or if you want to start bangkok golf, a stick is the most important thing in playing. So we have to be smart to choose a golf stick because it influences the success of scoring. Check out some tips on how to choose a golf stick that should be studied.

Choice of Golf Sets

If you are a beginner, it is recommended not to insert stick iron 2, 3 and 4 into your bag. Replace the choice of iron with fairway woods or hybrid clubs. Both types of sticks are easier to use than the long iron without having to sacrifice distance and accuracy. You also can choose the type of blade or gravity back for your iron. This type requires high accuracy when impacting the ball, so this type is more suitable for those who have low handicaps. As with the type of cavity, this type gives more “tolerance” to punch errors making it suitable for golfers with large handicaps


The stick that connects the grip and clubhead stick play an important role in pulverizing stability. Choose a shaft that matches the swing speed in order to maximize distance and accuracy.
Here’s a guide to determining the flexibility of a punch or flex that is right for you:

– Ladies Flex: intended for swing speeds of less than 60 mph.
– Senior or A-Flex: intended for swing speeds between 60-75 mph.
– Regular Flex: intended for speeds of 75-84 mph.
– Stiff Flex: intended for swing speeds between 84-93 mph.
– X-Stiff Flex: intended for swing speeds above 93 mph.

You can measure your swing speed in stores that sell golf equipment. Likewise with the length to be chosen. Adjust the length of the shaft to the body posture, does the shaft length feel comfortable when setting up. Never sacrifice accuracy by lengthening your shaft. Always try your stick before deciding to buy it. Now there are many sales places that provide opportunities to try to their customers. so as not to feel disappointed with the performance of sticks in the future


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