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The Most Popular Type of Sofa Material

The Most Popular Type of Sofa Material

Determining the sofa to be purchased and used in the home is not just looking at the price and beauty of its appearance. Because the type of sofa material is very important for you to consider before buying. The type of sofa material will affect the comfort and durability of the sofa that has been purchased. Then what kind of sofa material can you choose? Before that, you can visit our website to find some of our italian furniture.

The first type of sofa material is cotton which is a material that is often used in most furniture, one of which is as a sofa layer. The sofa has a cotton material that has a smooth texture and is also soft, but even so, it remains durable and strong for you to use. The quality of cotton is also influenced by the density of the braid, the denser the better the quality of the cotton. Weaknesses of cotton, is there? Of course, there are, the type of sofa material made of cotton is not able to withstand tangles, fire, and soil. Because of that, the cotton material on the sofa is often combined with other materials to be able to cover the existing deficiencies.

Furthermore, there is a type of sofa material that is man-made fiber and is not available in nature called polyester. The advantages of this type of material are more durable, not easily tangled, and also not easily torn. This type of polyester material is also often combined with other types of materials or referred to as polyester blends. Polyester is often mixed with types of materials such as wool and rayon.

Oscar / Semi Leather
The last type of sofa material is Oscar which has characteristics similar to leather. The advantage of this type of material is that it is easier to clean if it is spilled with dirt. Simply use a wet cloth, any stains such as drink spills and dust can be removed easily. With these advantages, you can make an Oscar if you have young children who are very active. So that when they play near the couch and accidentally spill dirt can be cleaned easily.


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