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The Purpose of Art

The Purpose of Art

There is a difference between painting and drawing. Drawing is the earliest stage of painting. While the art of painting is the result of human imagination expressed through line media, color, texture, darkness, field, and form in the field of two dimensions. Painting is included in fine art, while drawing is applied art that attaches primary function or the result of pure free expression of the artist. Different, isn’t? Therefore, if we talk about painting there will be many functions. One of the functions of painting is to beautify the room and also to calm the soul. The work of christian wall art that you put on the wall of your home or office can also beautify the room even at the same time soothe your soul. Furthermore, here are some functions of other paintings!


1. Personal Function (Individual)
The concept of art creation emphasizes the emotional process of the artist. The role of the artist as a creator in creating a work of art, all ideas, imaginations, thoughts are poured so as to produce a work of art.

2. Community Function (Social)
It will be presented to the public or audience. When the artwork is present in the community, then there is the interaction between the audience and the artwork. Artwork will be enjoyed, observed, appreciated, and resulting in the communication process.

3. Physical function
This physical art is closely related to the art of wear or use. The artwork is in everyday life has a function, as a means of life support.

5. Education Function (Education)
Support the smoothness of teaching and learning process. In this context, art works as a mediator of message delivery in the learning process.

6. Economic Function (Economic)
When the artist creates a work of art, of course, has a goal to be achieved. The purpose of the creation of art is the achievement of artistic value, the presence of meaning. But besides, it has a purpose that or another function that is the economic function. The commercial value of pure art is the impact or effect it produces.


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