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The Reasons Why You Should Get Married

The Reasons Why You Should Get Married

The measurement of one’s happiness can not be measured by marrying or not someone, but according to experts a number of studies actually find the benefits of marriage. If you already get ready to start a new life and spend the rest of your life with the right person or the one you choose, what else are you waiting for? Why don’t you get married as soon as possible?

Marriage is also the greatest contributor to the social fabric of planet earth and the deepest commitment to eternal love. Those who question the importance of marriage mean ignoring the facts. Interestingly, in a study, about 75 percent (three quarters) of married people today were, in fact, mate with colleagues and schools, close friends, family, and places of worship. Only 20 percent are married through other means online dating sites or even online marriage sites. Here are some reasons behind a person’s decision to marry:

1. You will live longer

Research shows marriage will make your life longer.

2. You will be healthier

Marriage relationship will also establish physical health between each individual.

3. You will be happier

Married people are much happier than unmarried people.

4. Have supporters

The important point when a person marries is that he has a partner who will fully support your decision. Research shows, married couples say that they can share their feelings and thoughts about anything.

5. Lack of abuse of drugs or alcohol

A number of studies show that married people are at low risk of drug or alcohol abuse because of their sense of responsibility.

6. Income will be greater

Believe it or not, household demands make married couples earn significantly more than unmarried people.

7. You will save more money

In the United States, individuals married in their 50s and 60s have a net worth per person about twice that of unmarried individuals.

8. Marriage is considered a symbol of success

From the existing research, it is mentioned that marriage is now considered an indicator of a successful personal life.


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