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The risks of hiring the unlicensed chiropractors

The risks of hiring the unlicensed chiropractors

Although chiropractic therapy has several positive facts in particular in the form of benefits, chiropractic has several negative facts in the form of dangers and side effects, which you usually get if you choose unlicensed chiropractic services Dr. Roy Nissim. There are several dangers and chiropractic side effects that cannot be ignored. On the other hand, you may also need to visit the best sports chiropractor santa monica whenever you need to repair some parts of your own bone.

What are the dangers and side effects of chiropractic therapy? Check out below!

1. Allows injury

Chiropractic therapy is practically done by using hands and several devices. This makes this therapy inseparable from the side effects of the injury. Chiropractic side effects can cause vertebral or cervical vertebral injuries.

2. Causes pain

Chiropractic is a therapy which one of the goals is to reduce joint pain. However, it turns out that chiropractic side effects can actually cause pain, especially in the joints of the spine.

3. Causes a stroke

You who don’t have a stroke should be vigilant because chiropractic therapy opens up opportunities for stroke events. Starting from a tear wound in the arteries, this can develop into a stroke.

A torn artery can trigger blood clots. There are times when the blood clot will break. The outbreak of blood clots can make blood flow to the brain disrupted and eventually a stroke occurs.

4. Triggers fatal bleeding

The most dangerous side effect of chiropractic therapy is death. As with chiropractic malpractice cases that have occurred. The danger can make bleeding in the vital part as in the head.

Bleeding inside the head will most likely threaten the life of the patient which makes him die instantly. Although not widely reported, but keep in mind that in fact, chiropractic has been the cause of death.

History of Chiropractic

Perhaps many think that the term chiropractic is widespread in English. In fact, the term chiropractic comes from Greek. The term chiropractic comes from the terms cheiros (hands) and practicos (practice).

Literally, chiropractic has a sense of therapy that is practiced by using the hands. Actually, chiropractic has been done for a long time, namely in the days of ancient Egypt.


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