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There Are 3 Stages In Screen-Printing Process

There Are 3 Stages In Screen-Printing Process

If you want to do a screen-printing business or become a screen printing t-shirt merchant who accepts consumer orders, you should know what work is done by screen printing vendors to produce a product. When consumers have ordered T-shirts and screen printing products that are desired, the cheap custom shirts screen printing vendor will usually directly work on the product in 3 stages.

1. Pre Print Stages

Before the printing process, the first thing to do is to make a design. This design can use the software on a computer such as Photoshop or CorelDraw, according to the desired shape.

Designs can come from consumers or providers of t-shirt screen printing services. If it already exists, it will make it easier for the service provider.

After the design is complete, the next step is to make a screen printing film. In digital screen printing, this film is usually made using a machine called cutting sticker.

2. Printing Process

The printing process on digital screen printing uses a press machine so that the poly flex material can stick firmly on the desired part of the shirt.

The problem that often occurs at this stage is the ink problem. Good types of ink, such as plastisol, will last longer, not dry, making it easier to press.

3. Post-Print Stages

There are several steps that are usually done by screen printing vendors after the printing process is complete, namely the drying, curing and burning processes.

Certain types of ink such as plastisol use curing techniques in drying. Namely done by using hot temperatures to dry it (143-166 degrees Celsius).

The drying process can be done naturally by aerating it to dry quickly. As for burning is only done on certain types of ink by baking to get perfect drying.

Why screen printing results sometimes ugly and quickly fade? In addition to your mistake in choosing the type of screen printing used, usually in the finishing stage is also not good.

The process of drying, curing and burning is sometimes often done imperfectly by the vendor so the printing results are not good.

Moreover, if ordering t-shirts in large quantities, sometimes on some t-shirts will display the results are less good.

To get good screen printing results, choose a good and experienced screen printing vendor.


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