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There Are 5 Tips To Wear A Hat To Make You Look Stylish

There Are 5 Tips To Wear A Hat To Make You Look Stylish

Hats have become an accessory that is pretty much in demand by fashion enthusiasts. Especially for those who are having a bad hair day, hats can be touted as life saviors. How about you, like to rely on this one head accessory? Discussing the hat model, it is very diverse, usually adapted to each person’s personal style. If the favorite for millennial children is a bucket hat combined with graphic T-shirts, cargo pants, and sneakers. Panama hat for the classic look, and beret hat that is often relied upon for winter holidays. On the other hand, if you want to make a hat with your original design, we recommend you to design a hat yourself instead of buying the one that is ready to be worn.

Do you need a reference for a hat? Here are 5 tips on wearing a hat so you look stylish:

1. Not-so-sporty!

The sporty style is not always just wearing T-shirts and track pants, you know. Appearing a little more preppy doesn’t hurt you know. You can combine a bucket hat with a trousers shirt and trousers. However, do not forget your favorite sneakers huh!

2. Upgrade pantsuit to the office

Pantsuit one of the clothes must be worn to the office. If you usually pants only combined with earrings and necklaces accessories, you can try a new look. Make the boater a statement item. Get ready for a flood of praise!

3. Playful with patterned clothing

Create a more playful OOTD, which can combine your plain hat with a fashion pattern like, for example, a shirt like in the third look. Maybe shades you can try are lines, floral, or maybe checkered.

4. Make your casual style 180 degrees more eye-catchy

Although wearing a T-shirt does not mean a total look always gives a casual impression, you know! Make your T-shirt 180 degrees more attractive when paired with a beret. Well, as complementary statement footwear, for example, fur sandals.

5. Rely on formal events, why not?

When attending a formal occasion it never hurts to choose a hat accessory to perfect the appearance. Mix & match with your palazzo shirt and pants ready to go for dinner with your girl squad! For an elegant look, choose bold colors like maroon or olive green.


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