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These 3 Tips Can Help You Clean Dirty Walls

These 3 Tips Can Help You Clean Dirty Walls

The wall is the part of the house that is most often seen and attracts attention to anyone. The cleanliness and beauty of the walls of the house should be a priority for its users. Just a little dirt stuck to the wall can eventually spread everywhere. What is a powerful way to clean the walls of a house from stubborn stains? Apparently, some of these home ingredients we can use to clean stains on walls naturally. However, if you don’t like to clean your walls yourself, we suggest you visit us and hire our experts in high-pressure wall cleaning.

However, if you want to clean dirty walls yourself, here are 3 simple tips for cleaning them:

1. Toothpaste

How to get rid of stains on the first wall is with the help of toothpaste. Besides being useful for caring for our teeth, toothpaste turns out to be effective for cleaning stains from crayons on the walls of the house.

The trick is very easy, just apply enough toothpaste on a clean rag. Then, wipe the cloth against the stain on the wall. After the stain wears off, use another wet cloth to clean the stain.

2. Utilizing lemons

Lemon can be an alternative way to clean the walls of stains with home ingredients. Because, for a long time lemon has been known as a powerful natural cleansing agent, you know. One of the first benefits of lemons is to lift stubborn dirt on the walls of the house.

The trick is to cut the lemon in half. Rub the lemon flesh into the surface of the affected wall until it is clean as before. No need to wipe because the scent of lemon can be a natural air freshener.

3. Use baby powder

In addition to home ingredients, it turns out one of the equipments for babies is reliable. How to remove stains on the wall simply by rubbing baby powder on the dirty surface of the wall by hand. You can also mix the baby powder with enough water to make it rougher. Baby powder turns out to contain natural ingredients that can absorb stains on the walls, you know. Don’t forget to be wiped again with a clean cloth.


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