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These are some of the jobs chosen by young people in the present

These are some of the jobs chosen by young people in the present

Now there are many types and choices of work that you can choose. Everything clearly must be in accordance with your satisfaction and hobbies that you have. However, what needs to be considered is where you are looking for the job. You can learn more about finding a job on the internet so that you are not wrong in choosing a job opening site that turns out to be just cheating.

In the present, young people prefer careers with work routines that are not boring and can develop their talents. There are several career choices that can be chosen by young people in the present.

1. Influencer
Instagram is one of the social media that is quite popular among the millennial generation. Not only because it provides a platform for uploading photos or videos. But it also provides many business opportunities for everyone. Even those who do not have a product or just have a basis to run a business can become a businessman.

2. Food photographer
By using a smartphone or a sophisticated camera and a good angle, you can get very precise photos
Taking pictures, writing and giving reviews, you can have a blog or website specifically for reviewing food in various places. For example, restaurants, cafes, street vendors and even street snacks can be your object.

3. Travel review
In addition to channeling photography as a food photographer, you who like traveling can make it a profession. Yes, travel review is a pretty good profession in the millennial era like today.
Not only can you enjoy your vacation, trips, sights, and activities, but you can also make a review of your trip. You can also give a review of the transportation you use, the place to stay that you choose, to the tourist attractions you visit.

The three jobs do not require rigid working hours and can even be done anywhere and not boring. no wonder if many children are easy in the present to prefer it.


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