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These Are the Benefits of Planting on Your Roof Garden

These Are the Benefits of Planting on Your Roof Garden

For some people who have a narrow house and cannot plant a lot of trees or plants in their yard, the roof garden can be the best way to keep their house beautiful and fresh. At the roof garden, of course you can plant a variety of plants, ranging from grass to other ornamental plants. However, to plant grass in the roof garden, you also need proper care. Don’t forget to cut the grass too. Visit ReviewJam.com to get the lawn mower you need as one way to care for the right grass.

There are already many people who choose the roof garden as the right choice of garden to make the house more beautiful and fresh. This is because of the plants that grow in the roof garden. Some of the benefits of the plants in the roof garden that you should know are

– Improve air quality in the environment around your home
Utilizing the roof of the house to make a roof garden is the same as contributing widely to open space. Even countries like Hong Kong and Tokyo carry out the program of adding RHT through the construction of roof gardens in dense settlements.
Increasing has been proven to improve environmental quality and reduce global warming. A more beautiful environment and a healthy home not only improves the quality of life of its inhabitants, but also prevents natural disasters such as floods.

– Noise suppression
Plants that line the outside of the building can be good sound absorbers. For the roof garden, choose plants that have a rough surface as well as can be planted extensively, such as grass and shrub plants. Reduced noise pollution due to the presence of a roof garden, making residential more comfortable and quiet to live in.

– Filter dirty air around the house
In addition to noise pollution, the roof garden can also prevent the entry of dirty air into the house. The plant photosynthesis process in the roof garden effectively absorbs dust particles and impurities. The process also produces oxygen which functions to clean dirty air around the building.


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