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These Hard Questions Can Only Be Answered By A True Religion

These Hard Questions Can Only Be Answered By A True Religion

As we understand that the purpose of living in this world from time immemorial until now and even until the Day of Judgment is to achieve happiness in life miracle healing prayers. Therefore, humans have a mind or ratio that has very great abilities. It’s because with that mind the human being can have very high knowledge and is able to create highly sophisticated technological tools, which when the discovery of reason is now told in ancient times, will undoubtedly be considered an irrational (unreasonable). In the meantime, if you’re a believer of Christianity, perhaps you also want to see the prayer request service.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter how genius a person is, it turns out to have three main types of weaknesses that cannot be solved by the mind of the mind itself. The three main weaknesses are:

The mind cannot know the nature of truth. The proof is that there are many truth theories put forward by philosophers who differ from one theory to another, even though we know for certain that true truth is only one.

The mind cannot know the location and nature of happiness in life.

The mind cannot know the origin of humans. This means that even though the mind is very intelligent, genius, and brilliant, it turns out it cannot answer the following seven kinds of questions:

Where did the man come from before living in this world?

Why do humans have to live in this world?

Who is the one who wants human life in this world?

What do humans live in this world for?

Why after humans are already happy to live in the world he must die; even though no one likes to die?

Who does that want human death?

Where is human life after death and carcass are buried?

The three types of weaknesses of the human mind above are clear evidence that humans absolutely need guidance that can overcome the three weaknesses of the mind and that can provide guidance to humans so that their lives in this world can have tranquility and peace of mind which are the determining factors for the happiness of life.


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