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These Ways Can Help You Solve Some Sewing Machine’s Problems

These Ways Can Help You Solve Some Sewing Machine’s Problems

The engine will not always run smoothly. Because the engine can also get tired of working, so it needs repairs. Likewise with a sewing machine, after a long time will encounter a kind of disturbance. How to repair a broken sewing machine is usually done by the owner of the sewing machine. However, sometimes hire a sewing machine repair service. Additionally, if you want to use your sewing machine without messing up with your yarn, we suggest you use the best bobbin winder.

The cause of the machine can not work smoothly and noisy is due to lack of lubricating oil on the sewing machine, other than that the lubricant used is not of good quality. The presence of loose threads involves the machine and also the accumulation of dust and fabric fibers remaining in the teeth of the machine.

The repairs to the disturbance started from cleaning the machine from fabric fibers and threads that were left with a brush or brush. Give lubricating oil to the throat plate (gear cover) with a good quality lubricant.

Furthermore, the cause of broken seams includes sewing thread due to sewing in the wrong direction. Installing the needle is misplaced, which causes the needle to get blunt or bent so that the thread tension becomes too great. The yarn is too rough or too fine which does not match the type of fabric used.

Repairs to these disorders can be done by:

Change the needle with a good type,

Adjust the thread number with the number of the needle to be used,

Reset the lifeboat and release the tension by paying attention to the balance with the bottom sewing thread,

Pull the fabric towards the back of the sewing machine.

The bottom sewing thread often breaks

Causes of interruption include: sewing thread not neatly rolled up on the spool/bobbins, thread tension in the lifeboat (bobbin case) is too large, the thread is not perfect through the lifeboat, and a lot of dust is found in the engine mechanism.


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