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Things to Consider When Buying Ductless Air Conditioners

Things to Consider When Buying Ductless Air Conditioners

Among modern climate devices for apartments and offices, a special place belongs to outdoor air conditioners without airways. They are distinguished by simplicity and the possibility of moving inside an apartment or moving them to another place. The absence of condensation creates a simplified design. How effective is this aggregate, and how to choose it correctly? Go to hvactechnicianknows.com to get the review related to the product you will purchase.

In order to be able to approach the purchase of a device competently, you need to understand its main characteristics. First, you need to decide whether you need fast cooling. If you want to reduce the temperature to 6-7 ° C in 10 minutes, it’s better to choose a compressor air conditioner. The ductless ACs are suitable for small changes in the microclimate and maintain temperatures within 23-25 ° C. The main factors to consider when choosing an installation:

– The unit strength and area of ​​the water sponge filter must match the volume of the room chosen to support the microclimate.
Water chambers must be isolated. This speeds up the temperature in the room after the cold liquid has been poured. Some models are equipped with a reservoir for ice. Through it, the water moves before entering the filter.

– You can choose a multifunction device. Many models are equipped with additional functions – remote control, timer, air ionizer, fine filter. Very useful is the function of ionizing air with silver ions. Such disinfection in apartments is relevant in the presence of children and people with respiratory system diseases.

– For the convenience of the home, it is recommended to choose a system with reduced noise levels. Inside the device, this is 26-48 dB. Outside, 38-56 dB. This indicator still depends on the operating mode. For minimum and maximum modes, this parameter will be different.

– It is most reliable to buy AC from a verified manufacturer. Famous manufacturers offer popular cooling devices. Many consumers check the AC quality of these brands.

– The important problem is the price. The cost of foreign floor air conditioning varies between 20-25 thousand rubles, and some are even higher.


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