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Things To Never Make During Interview To Get A New Job

Things To Never Make During Interview To Get A New Job

You have graduated from college and are preparing to find your first job. All preparations have been made, one of which is to make the CV as good and complete as possible, then apply for jobs according to fields to many companies even the ones that benefit from the site of directgov jobs my online job centre. Even though this will be your first experience in applying for a job online, make sure that you won’t make any mistake that can ruin your dream.

The waiting time finally arrived. You get the first interview call from the company that you have applied for. After attending the interview process, unfortunately, you cannot be sure when you can start working at the company. Therefore, many questions arise in your head. One of them is what happened? The answer, maybe you made some mistakes that you didn’t realize.

Be unprofessional

When you want to attend the first job interview, try to get up early. Yep, time is something valuable, guys. As much as possible, you must come sooner than the specified time. If you can’t come, you also have to inform the company. Show a good first impression. In addition, you also need to dress neatly and turn off your cellphone when a job interview is in progress.

Be negative

When doing a job interview, as much as possible you don’t tell bad things, starting from family problems or complaining about traffic jams. Answer questions correctly and professionally, and do not deviate from the questions asked.

Asking the wrong thing

After the interview, you will get the opportunity to ask the interviewer. Well, don’t ask the wrong questions, guys. Avoid questions related to salary increases, promotions, and office facilities, because that would illustrate that you are only interested in that. It is important to ask about the position you are applying for, as well as job responsibilities.


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