This Is How To Clean Ceramics With Rough Surface

Ceramics that have a rough surface, of course, differ in treatment and how to clean them compared to ceramics that have a smooth surface as usual. For that, the way you can try is to scrub the surface every day at least three times a week. You can use a brush made of nylon when rubbing the ceramic with this rough surface. There is nothing wrong if you add ceramic cleaning liquid to make it easier to scrub stubborn dull stains. Do this regularly to remove the dullness. Apart from that, if you have a lot of dull ceramic tiles at home, we recommend you hire the tile cleaning north shore

There are various types of ceramics, one of them with a slightly rough surface. Ceramic with this type, usually intended for outdoor. However, dirt also has the potential to make ceramics rougher. Therefore, regularly sweeping ceramics can minimize dull stains on the ceramic. You can do this method of cleaning rough, dull ceramic twice a day, every morning and evening. Make sure you minimize stains that can make the ceramic surface dull and rougher.

One of the secrets you need to know, to keep rough ceramic dull is to mop it every day. Maybe for some people, mopping is a schedule that is done once a week. Mopping is one way of cleaning rough ceramics. When mopping this rough ceramic, make sure you don’t use floor cleaner. The reason is, this floor cleaning fluid can leave a sticky impression that makes dirt stick more easily, so instead of lifting the stain, it makes the stain even duller and stubborn.

The next tip for cleaning rough, dull ceramic is to use a soft, non-abrasive mop. The reason is, the coarse cloth will scratch the ceramics deeper so that the surface becomes even rougher to the touch. For that, you have to pay attention to the type of fabric you use. Even if you are forced to use a cloth with a coarse material, make sure you don’t give too tight a pressure when wiping the rough ceramic floors or walls. The reason is, this harsh pressure will scratch the ceramic surface deeper. For that, it would be nice if you use a fine fibrous cloth.

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