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This Is How To Clean The Oily Tile

This Is How To Clean The Oily Tile

It’s very annoying when we find dirt stuck on the tile, whether it is oil impurities from vehicles transporting goods or dirt from waste residues scattered on the tile. Aside from damaging the view, the dirt can also make the tile sticky and uncomfortable. Sometimes various ways have been done but it does not bring tangible and satisfying results because it is difficult to find tile cleaners specifically made to clean oily tiles. Apart from that, if you don’t have the time to clean your tiles by yourself, then you may need to call the trusted professional carpet systems.

However, you don’t need to worry, here are some tips for removing oil impurities that stick to the tile:

You need to absorb the oil

Before mopping the tile with oil dirt, make sure the oil stains on the tile are cleaned until it is completely dry. The trick, use a dry cloth to clean the oil on the tile.

Besides using a washcloth, you can use unused cardboard paper, newspapers and more. After that, you can mop the tile as usual.

You may use the dishwashing soap

Another way is to use dishwashing soap. Dishwashing soap is indeed made to remove oil stains on the surface of the ceramic or plate. Unfortunately, this method is a little tiring because you have to mop over and over again to clean the remaining soap attached to the tile.

You can sprinkle salt or flour

This method is quite unique because it uses materials that are unusual but quite effective at cleaning the oil that sticks to the tile. Sprinkle salt or flour on the oily tile, let it sit until the oil sinks in. After that, sweep the remaining salt and flour, then clean with a mop.

You may use the cleaning fluid

Sometimes we often find oil stains difficult to clean because the oil has hardened on the tile due to too long boiling. To clean hardened oil stains, use cleaning fluid such as thinner. However, it should be noted, this material has a very strong odor and is flammable, so you should pay attention to good air fume and keep it away from sources of fire.

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