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This is The Explanation About Kefir For Children

This is The Explanation About Kefir For Children

Like yogurt, kefir is a fermented milk product containing probiotics and prebiotics. This slightly acidic drink has been used for many years for holistic medicine for various health problems. Starting from eczema to diarrhea. Many people use kefir ireland for various problems they have, considering the benefits of kefir for health very much and you can use for various things.

Then can Kefir be consumed by children? Because kefir is a kind of milk yogurt that does have many good bacteria.
In general kefir safe for children. If your child is healthy generally but his stomach is uncomfortable after drinking kefir, try to introduce it with this drink in small portions, you also have to check the label kefir you buy, because although it is fermented milk, some kefir has an alcohol content that can make the stomach so not good.
If you make your own kefir at home, do not shake it during the fermentation process. After the fermentation process is complete, store kefir in the refrigerator to ensure low or loss of alcohol content.

– Children with lactose intolerance
Lactose levels in kefir are lower than regular milk; however, children with lactose intolerance may experience some symptoms after drinking kefir.
If your child can not stand with kefir made from cow’s milk replace it with kefir made from soy or almond.

– Children who are allergic to milk
A real milk allergy is a reaction to a protein found in cow’s milk. This reaction can occur with the appearance of symptoms on the skin or intestines. Symptoms can appear after the body digests some milk proteins. If your child is allergic to milk the same, you should not give him milk kefir, replace it with water kefir, or kefir milk soybean.
Try to make kefir look more attractive to children. The slightly acidic taste may often be used by the child to say his stomach is not good. Try mixing kefir into your child’s favorite fruit juice, and over time subtract the juice portion if desired.


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