This Is The Reason Why Women Like Selfies From Above And Men From Below

Women and men have different habits when taking selfies. According to research, women prefer to take selfies from an upper or straight angle. On the other hand, men do it more often from the bottom corner. It turned out to be done for no reason. According to research results, they have the habit of taking selfies to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Try using the services of fotografo profesional to find out more clearly.

Researchers reveal that people deliberately manipulate camera angles when taking photos of themselves. This is done as an impression management strategy. Men take selfies from straight angles to attract women’s attention. Meanwhile, if the photo is taken from a lower angle, it means that the man wants to appear intimidating in the eyes of other men. While women selfie from the top corner to make it look more attractive in the eyes of men.

The study also found that people determine the angle of their selfies based on their audience. This means that people often think about who will see the selfie the most and then adjust the angle.

The survey also proves that men take selfies from straight angles to look supportive in women’s eyes. If they are targeting a male audience, they will shoot from the bottom corner to show dominance.

The same thing was also applied to women. When they want to show a selfie to other women, the selfie will be taken from the front. But when they want to look attractive in the eyes of men, photos are taken from above which is also done to show obedience.

From the results of the analysis of hundreds of selfies on the internet, it was also found that women did have a strong reason for taking photos from above. Women are said to look slimmer and younger when taking selfies from this angle. As for men, the effect is not very visible.

Previously, other research has also revealed the same thing. The study proves that men take photos from the waist to look taller, stronger, and can protect their partners. Meanwhile, women take selfies from above to accentuate facial features and hide weight problems.

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