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This Is The Scoring And Throwing Methods In Darts

This Is The Scoring And Throwing Methods In Darts

Dart game is a type of game that is favored by most people without exception, maybe you also become one of them. This game is a type of game that is quite serious and also has several types of rules. Not just limited to throwing arrows, but this game also requires your accuracy as a player. Apart from that, if you want to buy an affordable board, we recommend you to check out the best dart board for the money.

For those of you who are still beginners in this game, there are ways for scoring and throwing in dart games:

Darts boards usually have numbers 1 to 20 but are randomized. In playing it, you have to throw arrows to different parts while calculating the value obtained.

Each part of the board has a number that has been linked to that part. if the arrow lands directly on the green or red outer circle, you will get a double value

Unlike when the arrow landed exactly on the green or red circle, then you are entitled to get the value up to three times.

The center of the board or commonly called a bullseye is divided into two parts. Ie red on the inside that is red and the outside is green. The red color has a value of 50 while the green color is valued at 25.

As for the other parts besides red and green (usually black and yellow) then you will get a value according to the numbers listed.

When it comes down to throwing darts, the way to play darts starts with a stable body position, which is to take an upright standing position. If throwing with the right hand, then the right foot is in front and vice versa.

Make sure your feet are steady as long as you are about to throw, in order to maintain balance so that the arrows don’t miss.

Hold the arrows in the correct position by using your fingers until they are right at the center of gravity of the arrows or according to your convenience.

Try to make the tip of the arrow rise slightly, then move it until it is as straight as possible. Don’t add another move if you don’t want your arrows to drift carelessly then glide smoothly.


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