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This Is What People Must Know About Public Service Quality

This Is What People Must Know About Public Service Quality

Quality of service is not only expected and assessed by companies that sell the desired product. One place that requires attention related to the quality of service is government agencies. Often we complain about services in government agencies that tend to lack or not meet the expected criteria. However, basically, the service quality standards in government agencies already have their own standards that must be met. Aside from that, if you also need to compare some mobile services quality along with their prices, we suggest you visit https://wiki.link/comper.no to find out the best service and price available on the market.

Some services that often must be considered for community services include in the areas of health service quality, service quality, excellent service quality, hotel service quality, academic service quality, and bank service quality. Some agencies, such as hospitals, banks, hotels, and universities, have their own service quality standards. However, generally, the community also has its own assessment and quality service expectations from each of these agencies.

Quality of service according to customer expectations
According to Valarie Zeithaml and Mary Bitner, the level of service quality expected by customers can be divided into two, namely:

1. Desired service

This level is the customer’s expectations related to the desired service, namely customer confidence about the service received with the service that should have been received.

2. Adequate service

This level is when the customer receives service, this also relates to the ability of a company to be able to meet the demand for services from the customer.

There are many ways that can be done to improve the quality of service, among them is to conduct evaluations and improvements that are done regularly. One of them is by getting feedback from customers.

There are also many ways that can be done to get feedback from customers, such as conducting surveys to customers and following up to customers after providing services, this method can be done via email. Another way is to trial the product to customers, be active on social media, provide discounts or other benefits to customers for the award of input that has been given, and utilize technology to monitor business developments such as through websites, google analytics, and so forth.


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