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This Simple Thing Is the Cause of Hair Loss

This Simple Thing Is the Cause of Hair Loss

For women, hair is a very important crown, because it needs to be carefully guarded. Care for care is willing to be run by women so that their hair can always look optimal. However, as careful as we treat hair, there are often various problems that can not be separated, such as loss. This hair loss often makes women worry. Apparently, some daily habits can be the cause of hair loss. To help you deal with hair loss, you can take care of that at hair salons near me.

Tying Hair Too Long and Tight
Tying or tying hair is the solution that is chosen when the weather is hot. Many of you will often tie your hair like this. However, binding it too hard for long periods of time will make hair unable to breathe easily. As a result, the hair will feel tired and eventually fall out easily. Don’t forget to let your hair down so he can breathe easily.

Too often using a curling iron
After washing your hair, it’s nice to dry it with a hairdryer. Apparently, too often using a hairdryer will actually make hair burn, damage, and eventually fall out. This can also happen if you use other heating devices such as curling iron.

Excessive Stress
Many things that might trigger stress on you. Such as breakups, mistakes at work, endless traffic jams, or other problems. Various studies prove that stress will make your hair fall out easily. Because, when stressed, someone tends to choose the wrong food. Instead of nutritious food that is consumed, even foods that are too sweet, or no nutrition at all. As a result, the hair will lack nutrients and fall out.


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