Three Benefits Of Prayer

As a faithful servant of God, we need to remember to pray every day. Prayers are divided into several types, while the types of prayers are as follows. First, prayers for daily needs, such as prayer for eating, prayer for sleep, and others. Prayers for world safety and the hereafter like using miracle healing prayer and the prayers for parents and others. As the function of the prayer itself which makes people who read it calmly, then the prayer also has many benefits. Prayer brings someone to get lucky in the form of heaven.

Prayer elevates one’s level, people who always pray regularly, then he will gain the virtue on the day of judgment by defeating the others. People who are always (routine) remember to pray to God will get mercy and a great reward. Prayer is a practice that is loved by God, so even people who are experts of prayer will be loved by God. Prayer rejects Satan and destroys and prayer will make the heart calm also loss of sorrow from the heart. Prayer makes God happy prayer is the light for experts both in the world, in the grave, and the hereafter.

If summarized the three benefits of prayer in three points, as follows. First, prayer serves to show the majesty of God to His weak servants. With prayer a servant realizes that only God is the one who gives pleasure, receives repentance, and allows his prayers. Prayer serves to encourage His servants to always be grateful. Because gratitude also encourages His servants to be serious in worship. Prayer teaches us to feel ashamed of God Almighty because when he knows that Jesus Christ will always answer his prayers, then of course he is ashamed to deny His favors. Prayer diverts the hustle and bustle of world life and holiness of the presence of Lord Jesus.

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