Three Types Of Mechanical Maintenance

In general, there are three types of work from industrial mechanical maintenance engineering; equipment maintenance and equipment maintenance, replacement and distribution of utilities, the 3rd are inspections and lubrication. The three machine maintenance work activities are part of the main maintenance and maintenance work aimed at repairing equipment, maintaining machines, and all machine parts related to the use of these machines in an industrial production area that must be done by the vapro c operator.

This maintenance technique has the function of performing machine maintenance methods for production and non-production activities in an industrial area such as a factory. A large number of facilities and infrastructure in an industrial environment greatly affects the volume and scope of maintenance that must be carried out. Policies and regulations that apply to the environment of a particular industry also determine the machine maintenance system. This maintenance work activity includes maintenance and repairs so that the machine and everything related is always in top condition.

Machine maintenance officers usually make notes on a list of damaged components. The notes that become the diagnosis and work minutes will later become documentation to be a reference for planning future repair work. Depending on the type of maintenance and repair, the best is the speed of the maintenance process, although it must not override the values of accuracy and perfection of job responsibility. 6 important things must be considered to expedite the maintenance work, namely:
1. Storage of maintenance work equipment and materials
2. Organize waste materials from used machines and tools
3. Beware of fire hazards
4. Noise pollution control and combustion adapt
5. Records management of maintenance work diagnostic records
6. Service work.

Good maintenance work must maximize optimal performance in maintaining and maintaining the condition of the equipment, maintaining the smooth use of production tools and machines and their equipment, safe installation, creating efficiency from several production units, being able to extend the technical life of machines to buildings, or other equipment.

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