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Tips to Enjoy Movies You Watch at Cinema

Tips to Enjoy Movies You Watch at Cinema

Okay, let say that you focus on gather information about Harkins ticket prices. Somehow, you should also know the tips and advice to enjoy the movie, so you get the great return on investment from the movie ticket you already buy.

1. Check Schedule First

Do you know? There are two types of audience in general. The first type is the audience who has determined the movie to watch, no matter if anyone is watching again or not. The second type is the audience who determines the choice of films according to what is available in the cinema. The audience of this second type is usually the audience who is idly walking with their spouse and friends then decides to watch. Not infrequently the selected films are according to the agreement.

2. Watch the Time Open the Cinema Counters

When checking the schedule, pay attention to the time of the first show in the cinema. Usually, the window opens 30 minutes before the first show starts. Especially for those who often watch in the first hour, then it can come 30 minutes earlier. Except when queuing for box office films, it can be 1 or 2 hours before.

3. Note the Time to Open the Studio Door

Well, after determining the schedule and then buying the ticket, it is also important to know when the studio door is opened. Usually 15 minutes before the show time. If the show time is 14.30, at least 14.15 studio doors have been opened. We better just go in, why? Within 15 minutes often coming soon movie trailers will be one of our considerations for watching the next movie. Besides that, so that we don’t enter the cinema too late.

4. Choose a Safe and Comfortable Seating

This is done certainly when queuing for tickets. Then which comfortable seat is in position? Most cinemas place the C & D line as the straightest position between the eye and the screen. It’s okay to choose the top A & B seat, but we will watch it as if from a height especially if the screen is not stretched up just to the right or left side. If you choose under seat D, the risk is that we will look up when watching, and surely this position is not really good.


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