Tips to Not Buy a Fake Diamond Ring

Diamonds are one of the luxury gemstones. Not everyone can buy and have a diamond because the price is very high. Just like gold and other luxury goods, diamonds can also be long-term investment items. If you have a lot of fortune and intend to buy diamonds or diamond rings, make sure you recognize exactly how the real and quality diamonds are so you won’t be fooled. You can also get Tungsten carbide rings on our website.

Question the document
Each original diamond has official documents that apply internationally. Make sure if you buy a diamond, you are accompanied by an official certificate. But even if you have a certificate, do not immediately believe 100 percent. You also have to see clearly the diamond in detail. It could be that the diamond has a birthmark that makes it look like a defect.

Buy in a trusted store
Buy diamonds, not in random places. Get to know the store and make sure the jewelry store has clear permission. Why? Because if there is a problem with diamonds, you can ask for accountability.

Check the price
If you already know 4 Cs then the next thing to pay attention to is the price. Diamond prices are always changing but always use 1 international standard price. This price can be seen in a special table that is usually in a jewelry store. From this table you can find out the market price, do not be consumed by the lure of cheap diamond prices because they could be fake or of poor quality.

Recognize 4 Cs
Every time you want to buy a diamond, make sure you understand 4 Cs. This is the code that must be used when buying a diamond. This standard code is applied internationally. 4 Cs consist of Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. The four affect diamonds in terms of cut shapes, diamond color characters, diamond clarity, and the weight of diamonds. If you know these 4 Cs then you can’t buy diamonds.

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