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Type Of Injury Due To Running

Type Of Injury Due To Running

This running sport looks easy to do, when in fact this sport is quite often a cause of injury to the legs. Even experienced runners must have been injured, whether during training or racing back adjustment. If you have been injured for a long time, you may have to try going to chiropractor north hollywood to get the right treatment on your feet.

The following are some types of injuries while running that you can know about.

Leg Muscle Cramps
Runners who are less warm-up will usually also experience muscle cramps, especially if runners overheat or intense running exercises. Exercises that are too intense are added without any stretching of the muscles or adequate and complete warm-up. The calf and finger parts are likely to be the parts that most often experience cramps.

Muscles contract and pain arise in parts of the body that are affected by cramps so that moving becomes difficult for several seconds or minutes. If it happens while running, don’t panic and you should also not continue running. Give a massage and move a little until the cramps disappear, then try running again.

Ankle Sprain
One risk of injury when running is to have a sprain, especially the most common is an ankle sprain or ankle sprain. Tearing ligaments or excessive stretching in the ankle area can occur and usually only when the legs bend inward.

The sign of ankle sprain is that when pressed or touched it will cause pain. So as the best solution, runners need to have total rest for the legs and should not be carelessly moved. Around the foot should also be compressed with ice, compressed until removed to make it better.

Runner’s Knee
This type of injury is the most common among runners where the injury is felt as a result of bone shifting in the knee bone area. Why can bones shift? This is usually triggered by cartilage or bone tissue that has lost strength.

Several running movements where the knee is involved will be the cause of the shift so that finally there will be a pain. If pain is experienced in the knee area after you run, you should not do any activity first and do compresses using ice and stretch several times a day. Do not forget too, rest and avoid running for a while.


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