Wear This Method, Former Acne Vanishes and Skin Back Smooth

Jun 28, 17 Wear This Method, Former Acne Vanishes and Skin Back Smooth

Signs of acne scars or wound on the face is often disturbing appearance. To eliminate it often takes a long time. This is often frustrating. And one of the safest solutions is to come to a beauty clinic. Signs of acne scars or wounds, as well as the presence of hyperpigmentation or dark spot, is a problem that most often makes them come to the beauty clinic. A quick solution to solve these problems is to use Viva Fractional treatment. How does Viva Fractional work? This treatment can form a new skin surface by using a radio frequency device that can conduct heat. There will be a healing process, and stimulate the formation of a new skin that is softer and smoother. This tool can also compress the skin texture, making skin younger.

This radio frequency device will work in conjunction with the use of small needles inserted into the skin. The goal is to create new wounds so that the healing process for the problematic skin can be faster. In order not to be so sick, patients will be given anesthesia cream on the whole face for 40 minutes to 1 hour. After that, the tool will be attached to the skin surface for 15-20 minutes. After treatment, do not be surprised if in your face there are many red dots in the face. This mark will disappear about three days. In some patients, they experience blackness first, but later will peel and form a new, healthier skin. Then why did that happen? Skin tissue ablation or any part of the skin is charred. This ablation serves to remove the problematic epidermal skin. After changing the skin, the skin will experience the process of coagulation or solidify.

At the bottom, there is a more red color, collagen like cooked, given the heat so that clot. It stimulates fibroblasts which are important to stimulate collagen to give skin supple and firmness. Old collagen will be replaced with new collagen. If the shape of your face wants to look more proportional, it is advisable to do filler injection. This action is suitable for those of you who do not dare to do plastic surgery because this action does not require an incision on the skin. This action only uses a small needle, and faster only a few minutes. By using hyaluronic acid, this filler is very safe to use and last up to one year.

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