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Website Owners Must Understand The Algorithm Of Google RankBrain

Website Owners Must Understand The Algorithm Of Google RankBrain

Google RankBrain is the latest algorithm from Google that functions to display and sort search engine search results better using artificial intelligence systems. In a simpler language, the Google RankBrain algorithm helps Google to understand and process all the different searches and will display search results that are still relevant. However, in this Google RankBrain era, with the same keywords, Google will display websites with different keywords but still have relevance. In the meantime, before you continue to read this article, you can go to the Tech News website if you want to find more news about Google.

There is one thing to note for us. The Google RankBrain algorithm changed the old way of SEO. The SEO methods and techniques that we have been studying may no longer be relevant to this Google RankBrain algorithm. But in SEO techniques we have the principle that content is the main thing. No matter whether you want to use SEO On Page / Off Page, quality content must be a top priority.

In understanding how the Google RankBrain algorithm works, it is first necessary to distinguish 2 main roles in this algorithm, namely:

Understand the use of keywords (search query).

Analyzing the level of user satisfaction/keyword search when he opened the search results website.

In the first role, which is understanding the use of keywords, Google RankBrain displays search results that do not only match what the user is typing. However, it also displays search results with other alternative keywords that are still relevant.

After displaying the search results the Google RankBrain algorithm task is still incomplete. The next task is to assess user satisfaction with the site or website that appears on the search page.

So in this section, the Google RankBrain algorithm has entered the second role.

If users are satisfied with the results “offered” by Google, the website will continue to rank first in Google’s search results.

But if the user feels dissatisfied with the results offered, Google will consider the website to go down in rank and not even recommend it to appear on the search results page.

So with this Google RankBrain algorithm, Google not only finishes displaying search results but also takes responsibility for those search results.


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