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What Are Emotional And Behavioral Disorders?

What Are Emotional And Behavioral Disorders?

Children who experience emotional and behavioral disorders. When experiencing this disorder, children experience emotional states that are not stable. When interacting and being in a social environment, his behavior will be very disturbing in public. Call an urgent healing prayer request to cure your child so that their future is not interrupted read more here.

There are 5 characteristics that describe children who experience behavioral disorders, including:
1. Unable to learn that is not caused by health factors such as sensory or physical disabilities. This child, on a physical basis, is fine, the psychological condition is the obstacle.

2. Can not establish relationships or friendships with peers, even parents, and teachers at school. Because of their unstable, emotional, and changing behavior, children become individualists because their environment cannot accept the child’s condition.

3. The juice is not normal, fickle unclear for no real reason and sure.

4. The mood is easily disturbed or distracted, sometimes angry, depressed, disappointed. The point is emotional instability.

5. Tend to be afraid of yourself because of personal problems and at school, it will emit emotions and behaviors such as crying and raging. I asked why will allude to personal matters and matters at school.

What should be done if the child has the characteristics and signs of emotional and behavioral disorders as above?

Before you take a thousand steps forward regarding the condition of your baby who doubts, you should first evaluate the situation and environment of your baby.

• The good thing is, you talk and ask your child’s friends, relatives or teachers at school. Do they see the same behavior from your child?

• When in a difficult period of development in children, you must find ways to support the child through difficult times that should be handled well at normal stages.

• Pay close attention, and find out whether your child’s age is normal enough to have unstable behavior and emotional states? Observe kids her age. In normal stages, children aged 8 years and over should have enough emotional and behavioral instability.


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