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Why Use Original Printer Ink?

Why Use Original Printer Ink?

When running out of printer ink to print at home or office, we will be faced with two choices, namely buying original new ink or refill it. Stores that provide ink refill services are already mushrooming in big cities. The price is somewhat more affordable than buying a new one. However, behind the more expensive price, there are some advantages that you can get from buying original ink. You can also apply this if you use a zebra label printer for store use. Check out the following review:

Solid and Consistent Printing Results
If the material you are printing includes a high-resolution image, it is recommended to buy original ink. The result is clearer and sharper color than refill ink. Apart from that, genuine printer ink can also provide consistent quality.

The Printer Is Not Easy To Be Damaged
If you buy genuine ink that is compatible with your print brand, then there is a guarantee that the ink will not damage the printer. In another case, if you refill ink carelessly, there could be some things that do not match and even make the printer can not live long. When buying genuine printer ink, there are several things that you need to pay attention to, namely a genuine, complete seal. Besides, genuine HP printer ink also has a certain serial number that can be directly verified through the URL address printed on the package.

Prices Are Not Cheating
The high and low prices of a product are relative. Depending on how you interpret the quality of the product. If you have a printer that is quite expensive, don’t use ordinary ink at a low price. You may incur significant repair costs. Get used to buying in a place that is widely recommended by people. This thing can make you save more in the future.


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