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This Will Happen to Your Hair if You Use Straightener Everyday

Straightening hair for women has almost become one of the primary needs of everyday life. The Hair straightening tools are useful for smoothing and arranging hairstyle, but do you know if there is a danger of straightening hair if done every day?

1. Hair is so dry
One of the most common dangers of hair straightening is that all of the hair becomes so dry. Straighten hair will make the coating on the hair shaft increasingly broken and broken. In addition, the hair will lose its natural moisture. This is marked by starting to look dull and curly on the hair if you’re not using a hair straightener.

2. Allergies
If you experience itching, scalp or hair loss, it is one of the common allergic reactions that result from the danger of straightening your hair every day. In some cases, side effects of hair straightening may appear after a few days of using it. If there are signs of allergies, you should immediately stop using a hair straightener and immediately consult a doctor to get a more appropriate treatment.

3. Your hair will change forever
One of the latent dangers of straightening hair is the disappearance of your original hair type and texture. Actually, this is more common if using a hair straightener cream for the appearance of your hair can be permanent. Once you straighten your hair permanently, it’s very difficult to change the hairstyle again.

4. Hair loss until experiencing severe baldness
Hair loss to baldness is one of the appalling dangers if you still use the hair straightener Another clinical side effect of hair straightening is severe hair loss. In addition, the use of chemicals before low-quality pegs will damage the hair to the roots. In the long run, hair follicles become weak and your hair will fall off continuously.


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