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You May Do These 4 Safety Tips When You Visit A Beach

You May Do These 4 Safety Tips When You Visit A Beach

A lot of beaches in Florida are famous for being beautiful, but the waves can be dangerous. A beach is often an option when on vacation or a picnic with a large family, especially at the moment of the new year holidays. There are so many places that you can visit there, while you may also enjoy a lot of activities, especially if you visit the best beach in Florida, which is obviously the Folly Beach. However, before you decide to go there, There are safety tips for a vacation to the Florida coast with your family.

Here are the 4 safety tips for you:

1. Get to know the beach area

The first thing that must be done by tourists when arriving at the location of Florida coast is to conduct a survey in the eye to recognize the potential areas of Rip Current, fast currents that can pull a person into the middle of the sea.

2. Find dangerous spots

In order to recognize the potential for Rip Current, a traveler can stand on the beach overlooking the sea.

If there is a calm sea surface flanked by a number of broken waves on his left, then the calm water face has a high probability of a Rip Current. Avoid these areas, do not swim or play water in the area, because it is very dangerous.

3. Wear bright clothes

If you want to go down to swim or play water, look for an area or location that is safer. Wear brightly colored clothes, like orange or pink.

Avoid green costumes because if the worst case you are dragged down or drowning will be difficult to find because the green color of the costume will blend with the color of the seawater.

4. Don’t panic

In the worst case, if you are playing water or swimming and suddenly dragged by Rip Current, try not to panic. Don’t swim to the beach perpendicular to the current. Because it will drain energy and breath. You may try to float or swim towards the offshore following the Rip Current until the RIP Current energy is lost or reduced.


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