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You Must Do Some Of These Things Before Investing In Property

You Must Do Some Of These Things Before Investing In Property

Property selling value has never decreased every year. This is the reason many people choose property investment as their investment. One of the property instruments that can be chosen is condominium. You can choose Riviere as your best investment. Property investment has always been a profitable investment because the sale value of the property has never declined.

When you decide to invest in property, you also have to do a number of things. Some of these things you must do when you invest in property.

1. Create an agreement
Before the property, it is important to make an agreement so that we and prospective tenants can find out their respective rights and obligations. Usually, in the lease agreement, the issue is the amount of rent that must be paid, down payment, lease period, until payment when there is damage to our property. Therefore, make a lease agreement contract in writing, so that everything is clear and if a problem occurs within the lease period, we can refer back to the contract signed together.

2. Make an Agreement on Money Deposit
Making an agreement about the deposit that must be paid in advance is necessary so that we can cover the damage to the property caused by the tenant without the hassle of charging it back. This deposit money will be returned to the tenant at the end of the agreement if indeed the tenant complies with all obligations and there is no damage to our property. Instead, we can take part or all of the deposit money in the event of damage caused by the tenant in the lease period.

3. Change the Key
When it comes to renting out a property, make sure the security of prospective new tenants is guaranteed. For example, if our property has been leased before, replace all keys and access in and out. This is to ensure that old tenants do not have access in and out again.


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