You Need to Have a Clean Carpet

A clean carpet is very important both to the appearance of the house and to the health of the people who live in it. Stained and dirty carpets can reduce the comfort of your home, while the allergens and dust in them can trigger respiratory problems. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to do Carpet Cleaning, depending on the nature of the dirt.

Prepare the room before cleaning the carpet. Place a layer of plastic under a large or heavy object that cannot be moved to protect it from damage from exposure to water. If no special plastic is available, simply cut a sheet of aluminum foil or wax paper and place it under the legs of the furniture. Cleaning carpets with a cleaning tool is sometimes referred to as “steam cleaning.” But actually, this designation is incorrect because this tool only uses hot water and laundry soap, not steam.

Buy or rent a carpet cleaning kit. This tool is mostly rented out at hardware stores or department stores along with suitable laundry detergents. If you plan to rent a cleaning kit, prepare the room in advance so that you don’t have to spend more to complete the carpet cleaning. Ideally, your carpet cleaner should have a water heater. Read the user manual and talk to the seller before buying or renting it.

Plan your exit. After cleaning, the carpet should not be stepped on to dry. Be careful not to get caught in the corner! Start cleaning from the part farthest from the door to the outside.

Prepare the cleaning fluid according to the instructions on the package. Some cleaning kits come with shampoo or suggest detergent that can be purchased from the same store. In general, you should fill the appliance with water along with a little detergent. Don’t add too much soap, as this can damage the carpet as well as the cleaning tool. Professional carpet cleaners recommend using less laundry soap than recommended in the appliance.

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