A Simple and Elegant Street Wear Look

Some of people think that a fashion is not necessary because we can wear anything and still look bad. We believe that kind of pessimistic assumption is not longer correct. The young generation has their statements in fashion. Some of them even create their own clothing lines because they care about their own looks. Thus, you can’t underestimate some of spirits that they have for streetwear clothing.

Some of us may not know well about this concept of clothing but they are wearing them out there and they are happy for their clothes. Some of young people are having their own styles and they can express their emotions through it. It is not easy for some of young people to adapt themselves with so many drama and complex needs in society.

Some of them are also getting so many good influences from their favorite singers or bands. This kind of street wear clothing concept comes from some of dangerous area that is known as a gangster look. Those kind of looks were created from their suburban cultures because they have to work at a very young age therefore they need to wear some of comfortable clothes. Some of styles in street wear come from their hobbies too and most of skaters who play skateboards also give a little contribution in this type of fashion.

 Some of people probably just think about it as a culture of African American young people clothes. In fact, some of skaters who play skateboards are white Americans. We also see that some of rappers create their own clothing labels too because they have fans and their fans will buy their clothes. It is normal for some of rappers or skaters to create their street wear clothes because they know that their fans will buy them immediately.

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