Apple Watch Saves A Mans Who Falls Into A Very Cold River

An experienced ice surfing teacher was recently saved his life by an Apple Watch when he fell into a frozen lake. This happened when veteran surfer William Rogers was enjoying his own time sliding on the ice. Without realizing it, the ice sheet in the waters of the Salmon Falls Rivers in Somersworth, which was thought to be still frozen, had started to melt because of the spring weather. As a result, William fell into the cold river. He struggled for several minutes, but was unable to get out and was potentially attacked by hypothermia. William stated that the first thing he did was try to walk on the ice, and realized he had to get out of the water as fast as possible but the ice footing kept breaking beneath him. After panicking, William remembers still wearing the Apple Watch and using it to contact emergency services. After 5 minutes, firefighters came and saved themselves thanks to the features on the Apple Watch. In the meantime, if this news makes you want to buy more Apple’s stock index, you can visit to hire brokers who help traders buy the NAS100 stock index.

All versions of the Apple Watch display the Emergency SOS feature which can make calls to the 911 emergency number quickly using several methods. Apple Watch also features a fall detection feature which, when activated, will automatically call 911 if it detects that the user has fallen and is unconscious for one minute. Apple Watch Series 5 or later lets users call emergency services from almost anywhere in the world as long as they have cellular service, by forwarding the calls to the area’s first responders.

A man named Scott Killian never imagined that his life would be saved thanks to the Apple Watch. However, it taken place several weeks ago. One night, a few weeks ago Killian had a heart attack. His job as a lawyer puts Killian in high levels of stress. Killian, who wore the Apple Watch, said the smartwatch woke him up at 1 a.m. via a notification from the HeartWatch application. The application detects that Killian’s heart rate has increased greatly while he is asleep.

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