Besides Bigfoot, These Are 5 Mysterious Creatures That Are Also Horrendous

Bigfoot, the legendary mysterious creature is always the most wanted news for many people. This news is spread through a video via social media. Bigfoot, a huge creature full of thick hair, walks through the waterfall. Are you curious about this creature? All about bigfoot and how to draw bigfoot.

But it is also known in other countries such as South Africa, Nepal, Australia, and Portugal. But Bigfoot was not alone. Several other strange creatures have become urban legends.

1. The Loch Monster. Perhaps, his figure is more like a dinosaur with a long neck that lived in water. The very large size and long neck like a leaf-eating dinosaur. Loch, reported by EnkiVillage, is one of the strange creatures that many people often see. Usually, people see this creature when its head or body is slightly raised above sea level.

2. If you raise goats near your home, be careful with Chupacabras. Because this strange creature is known to suck the blood of the goats. Only the size of a chimpanzee. The skin is gray. This strange creature was first seen in the 1970s but only boomed in the 1990s. But calm down, it looks like domestic goats in Indonesia are still safe because the Chupacabra is in Puerto Rico.

3. It turns out that some people have seen Tinker Bell’s true form, aka fairy. Its small size and often in children’s fairy tale books make many people not believe that a fairy has ever appeared. EnkiVillage wrote, someone in England claimed to have seen a fairy while he was on his way home.

4. The Flatwoods Monster. Is a similar creature said to be an alien? The first time it was discovered, it was located close to a UFO. First discovered in 1952, in Flatwoods, Braxton County, West Virginia.

5. One more strange creature that makes the world community uproar apart from Bigfoot. His name is Owlman. Yes, as the name suggests, the head of this creature is in the form of an owl head. But his body is human. Even Owlman has huge wings. First discovered in 1976 in Manwan, Cornwall.

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