Car Owners Must Remember To Take Care Of Their Spare Car Tyres

While you’re at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, don’t forget to clean the tyres from the stones. Why? Small rocks stuck in between the treads can damage the treads. If left too long can injure the base layer of the tyre, which is the woven wire. This can cause corrosion of the tyres, and the tyres may burst easily. If you want to avoid such a thing from happening, we recommend you bring your damaged car tyres to the company of mobile tyre fitting london.

Because it is rarely used, many car owners forget to check the condition of their spare tyres. This can be inconvenient for you in an emergency because the spare tyre can go flat, or worse, break and you can’t use it. There are several simple ways to maintain the condition of your car’s spare tyre, such as:

-Cover the Tyre Properly

If the spare car tyre is on the outside of the car, you should cover the tyre using a cover. To protect the tyres from sun exposure, which can damage the tyres if exposed to them continuously. In addition to sunlight, rainwater can also reduce the quality of the spare tyre.

-Clean tyres

Although rarely used, you still have to keep the spare tyre clean. Always clean tyres regularly from dust or other dirt that sticks. You can also maintain the quality of tyre rubber by giving it a special tyre moisturizer, which can be purchased at car accessories stores (you can also buy it online)

-Check Wind Pressure

Get used to filling the spare tyre pressure higher than the main tyre, approximately 40 psi. Why? Because the spare tyre has the possibility of a pressure drop. Check the air on the spare tyre once a month.

-Check Signs of Damage

Sometimes our belongings might break due to things that we haven’t noticed. The same might happen to your spare tyres when you store them. That’s why we recommend you check your spare tyres for signs of damage periodically to make sure that they can be used whenever you need them.

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