Common Mistakes In Grilling

Grilling meat with the family is one of the interesting activities which is certainly a pity to miss. No need to be difficult to process, you only need to provide food ingredients, seasonings, and a grill ready to use. Even though it looks easy, grilling food is tricky. So that the texture and taste of food feel soft and delicious, special tips and tricks are needed in the process. But before cooking, it will help us to know the steps in grilling or making a barbecue to minimize the failure rate when cooking. So, what are some common mistakes that are often made? The first and most important is many people don’t clean the grill. Always clean the grill regularly is mandatory, because, during the cooking process, food will be directly attached to the grill wall. So that if not routinely cleaned, the crust and dirt found on the sidelines of the grill will stick to food. Besides being unhygienic, it certainly can trigger a variety of diseases, such as poisoning, allergies, to cancer. So, make sure that your grill is clean by using service.

After cleaning and before using, many people do not heat the grill. A grill needs to be heated for 15 minutes until the temperature reaches around 500 degrees. Reported by Reader Digest, this method will help make cooked food faster. Not only that, but heating the grill first can also prevent food from sticking, making it easier for the washing process later. Another mistake that often in bbq is leaving the lid open. Some people will generally leave the grill open while cooking to make it easier to check the cooking level of food and also facilitate the process of food reversal. Nevertheless, this method is also wrong for you foodies. An open grill can create more clouds of smoke. Besides, opening the grill lid will also make the food cook longer. So leave the cleaning the grill part to the professional service and the cooking and grilling to you.

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