Dose Theraphy Positive Effects For Your Body

The brain effects of psilocybin and psilocin are wide-ranging and strongly depend on your mood and broader emotional constitution. In the beginning, you may feel a little disoriented. Sleepiness, euphoria, and sometimes even depression, are common symptoms. In small doses, light hallucinations may occur, such as seeing brighter colours or moving patterns. Hallucinations may also occur with closed eyes. You can perceive multi-coloured, strange shapes or a series of connected, fantastically lively images. When using small doses, there is rarely such as thing as a “bad trip” because you still have a reasonable sense of control over the situation and can put the experience into perspective.

When taking large doses, hallucinations increase and the experiences become less realistic and more introverted. Even with your eyes open, you can often see very clear and detailed images that aren’t to be mistaken for reality. Disruptions in the perception of time and space are also familiar at high doses. Sometimes it seems like time is standing still, but you might also feel like you’ve had an entire journey in the space of two minutes.

After a positive experience, you often feel ecstatic. You might also feel strongly connected to others, nature and the universe. For many people, it also works therapeutically. Deep in the subconscious, you might discover hidden emotions or emotional blockages that come to the surface, so that they can be resolved. They can help you face your fears and your insecurities. It helps people to open more to feelings of love and trust in life more info at

Many users claim that they can also open their souls to spiritual dimensions on magic mushrooms and truffles. Dimensions such as unity, harmony and peace can be felt deeply. Spiritual entities – such as the ghosts of the psychedelic plants, totem animals and guides – can show themselves to you in your visuals. You can become more aware of the higher aspects of yourself and connect with a sense of love, unity and harmony. Everybody has it in them, but it is not often accessible, perhaps because they still carry a lot of negativity in them. As soon as they dissolve, there is space for other feelings to arise; feelings that often remain with you for the rest of your life, Visit for more articles.

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