Easy Steps To Make Your House Looks New and Extravagant

People everywhere are beginning to feel more and more stress in their daily lives from the fast-moving pace of modern technology, rapid changing workforce, overload of information, and an unstable economy. As a result, it is becoming more and more important for your physical, emotional, and psychological/mental health to have a home you can retire to each day that allows you to de-stress your nervous system, to relax & release tensions in your body, and to recharge yourself with peaceful, restful sleep before going back out into the world the next day, to do it all over again. Once you realize the energy in your home feels a bit heavy or out of sorts, how do you go about steps to make a home look new and uplifting the energy of your home to make it feel more like your sanctuary?

Clean your home, top to bottom, and purge all the items you no longer use. If this seems like a daunting task, then this is EXACTLY what you need to do. Select at least one room or one area each week and get it done! After the junk & clutter have been removed (and not just relocated to the basement or garage), give the home a good cleaning – windows & coverings, carpets, floors, dusting. all of it. Once this is done, you’re ready for the next step.

Steps to make a home look new next is evaluate the positioning of your furniture and wall décor. Everything in your home should have purpose and be positioned to flow energetically. If you have pieces of furniture that stick out or that you stumble into from time to time, you need to move or remove these pieces. If you have non-essential furniture, consider removing it or selling it. The simpler the décor, the easier it is to keep your home clean and less likely to re-accumulate all that clutter you just cleaned out.

Also consider appropriate use of color – like tranquil blues, lavender, white, greens in sleeping spaces, and high energy colors in the active spaces. Simply focus on creating a happy, tranquil, and pleasing environment in every room, so you can enjoy being there after the daily exposure to the chaos and calamity of the world. Not only will your home look more pleasing, but it will energetically support you in keeping you uplifted & aligned with the peacefulness you desire

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