Examples of Artificial Intelligence

One of the advantages of AI over humans is that AlphaGo’s AI is that humans can only play once at a time. While AI can simulate several matches at the same time. So that the learning process and experience can also be more than humans. This was proven when AlphaGo played with the world champion Go in 2016 he could be the winner. Learn about machine learning for computer vision on our website.

Broadly speaking, an artificial intelligence can do one of the following four factors.

Acting humanly, a system that can act like humans.
Thinking humanly, a system that can think like humans.
Think rationally, a system that is able to think rationally.
Act rationally, a system capable of acting rationally.

Artificial intelligence or AI has been widely applied in various fields such as industry, medical, education, business and even in everyday life. The following is an example of the application of AI that you usually encounter in everyday life.

E-Commerce Recommendations
The concept of implementing AI that you often encounter, one of which is product recommendations in e-commerce. Maybe you have shopped at one of the e-commerce sites and when you were shopping there were products that were recommended for you. The recommended product is not from someone who predicts what you will buy, right? The recommended product is the result of an AI process. Then where does AI get the products to be recommended? AI obtains data from you yourself, for example when you do a product search, purchase a product and you have seen any product. This data will be processed from the AI ​​concept, namely data mining so that AI will recommend the right products for you.

The adoption of AI has profoundly affected the way we live, interact and enhance our experience and comfort. AI is constantly evolving and there is much more to come in the years to come. Certainly an even better AI with more improvements, developments and implementations. Artificial intelligence does not always have a negative connotation that will replace the role of humans. Although there are some jobs that can be replaced by AI, AI also brings new jobs or professions such as data scientist for example.

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