Geofencing Systems For Better Tracking System

For example, geofencing propellant media tracking systems could also be extended to send alerts for various mechanical warnings like low pressure , high water temperature, stoplight failure, low battery then on. Systems also can be integrated with the fuel sensor in order that fuel usage are often monitored, and even sudden changes in reserve (for example following fuel theft) are often quickly identified and acted upon.

Some GPS geofencing systems will even enable a foreign operator to send instructions to the vehicles own computer systems. within the case of auto theft this will be especially useful, since it enables the vehicle owner to be ready to remotely instruct the vehicle to return to a halt and to be ready to know that when the command is shipped , that the vehicle is probably going to be during a safe location (and not within the middle of a busy motorway!).

The second broad element of a GPS geofencing Tracking system is usually called the tracking server. The tracking server is where the business intelligence resides in order that the system are often configured to satisfy the actual requirements of the business. The tracking server also can be wont to send data to other business support systems should this be required.

For example, the tracking server can deduce the particular speed a vehicle is moving at by monitoring the GPS position data because it arrives, and if requested can generate alerts to specified individuals – perhaps as an email to notify managers and even the driving force that a regulation had been exceeded also as where and when this occurred. Clearly this may allow the transport manager to strengthen good and economical driving habits together with his drivers.

Of course one key function that each one tracking systems will provide is that the ability to ascertain the position of any vehicle superimposed upon a map in order that the user can readily determine where a given vehicle is at any given time, and indeed where it’s already been during that journey. Another common capability of a tracking server is to be ready to found out what are called “geo-fences”. These are imaginary lines drawn on a map to form an entire boundary surrounding around a specific location. If a vehicle is detected to be moving across one among these borders, then alerts are often configured to notify individuals of the event. Typical examples where this might be applied might be as follows;

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