How to Take Care of Goats

Goats are always curious and intelligent animals, which are a lot of fun to keep. However, this also requires a lot of effort. If not cared for properly, goats can turn aggressive and flee to more attractive grazing areas. Luckily, you can keep your goats happy by providing them with a safe enclosure, feeding them properly, taking care of them, and keeping them healthy. Get more info on Christian Homesteading.

Prepare a grazing area. This place should be spacious enough for the goats, provide protection, and be fun, for example by placing a large rock that the goats can climb on. Goats will forage in grazing. So, if you provide a large space, the goats will have plenty of food. Goats love plants, such as weeds, grass, and shrubs so grazing must provide a wide variety of crops. Goats will look for food and eat whatever is in the grazing.

Ideally, you should provide about 0.5 hectares or more of pasture for goat grazing. If you don’t have a lot of land, you’ll need to add additional food, such as hay and pellets. If you only have 2-4 small breed goats, 20 square meters of grazing space is enough if you add additional food. Build a strong fence around the pasture. In addition to keeping the goats from getting out, the fence will also prevent predators from entering. Goats are smart animals and can climb so they often get out of the cage. You must make a high fence that is difficult to climb, with a minimum size of 2 meters. Some goat owners install electric fences to prevent goats from leaving the cage.

You can build a strong fence by driving heavy wooden posts into the ground and filling it with concrete. After that, attach the safety with a small perforated wire mesh instead of a large one. Keep enrichment items away from the fence so the goats don’t jump out. Goats usually won’t get out of the fence if they’re provided with plenty of space, plenty of food, comfortable housing, and entertainment.

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