Main Components Needed by Distribution ERP Software

Although nowadays there are many distribution acumatica orange county software that can meet the needs of manufacturers and retailers, only a few are able to meet the needs of the wholesale and distribution industry.

Wholesale and distribution exist between manufacturers and retailers in a supply chain. Simply put, wholesale is a business that fulfills the enlargement of retailers by bulk buying of goods or products from suppliers. Meanwhile, distribution acts as an intermediary between manufacturers and retailers by providing additional services such as providing sales value to products, taking an active role in product sales and promotion, and processing product return. But in reality, the line between wholesalers and distribution is not always clear, and it is not uncommon for wholesalers to also provide distribution services and vice versa. This is why many wholesaler companies call themselves “wholesale distributors”.

Manufacturing or retail ERP software usually does not cover the needs of wholesalers and distribution because they require a wide range of functionality in several areas that are not found in manufacturing and retail businesses. The following these main components that every distribution ERP software must-have, namely:

Back Office Operations
You will know that the following functionality is very common and necessary for business management.

If your distribution ERP software has the three components above, you can be sure that your business can run well. But if not, you can start considering replacing your software with a better one such as Acumatica Cloud ERP.

Acumatica ERP Manufacturing is equipped with sophisticated financial management capabilities including general ledger consolidation, sub-accounts, automatic revenue recognition, and inter-company accounting. A complete ERP solution can certainly simplify business processes and can encourage automation for manufacturing company operations. By simplifying the process, all data is available in a centralized location with complete visibility on all functionalities such as development, design, inventory, purchasing, production, finance, sales, shipping, and many more.

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