Music Is A Vital Element In Film-making And Advertising Industries

In today’s modern era, the film is one of the fastest-growing media for delivering messages. Initially, all Films were silent Films, ie, motionless pieces that were silent without sound until the use of soundtracks was applied to film making. Soundtrack stores all sound data in the film including voice, music, and sound effects. On the other hand, before we continue, you can Buy beats if you need some cool rap music for your next films or ads.

In some nations, sadly, there are still few composers or musicians who have developed the skills to make soundtracks or jingles. Most of the musicians are still stuck with the mindset of “being a rock star”. They are still thinking of becoming famous and rich by becoming a major label artist.

This is where most of his work as a composer for commercial jingles or film soundtracks. There are two kinds of music referred to here, and each has its own special needs.

In a film and advertisement, a music composer will make one of 2 kinds of music, namely soundtrack or scoring.

– The soundtrack is the music played from the beginning to the end of the commercial. This type of music is called a jingle because it has a melody and a singing voice.

– Scoring is music that follows the movement of the image. What’s happening on the screen, the music has to keep up, regardless of the bars, beats, melodies, and so on.

Apart from soundtrack and scoring, in a film or advertisement, the 3rd most important element is the sound effect or sound effect. There are 2 types of sound effects:

– Sound effect in the form of foley, which is “normal” sounds such as knocking on doors, cars starting, rain, children laughing, and so on.

– Sound effects are in the form of special effects, which are “abnormal” sounds such as volcanic explosions, earthquakes.

That’s it for the information about the importance of music in films and ads that we can share with you on this occasion. We hope this article can help you understand more about music in the film-making and advertising industries.

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