Some Military Diet Substitute Menus You Can Try

We already know that this military diet is claimed to be able to lose weight up to 5 kilograms in just 3 days. Basically, the menus needed for the military diet are not all easy to obtain and not all of them can be digested by the stomach because it depends on each individual’s dietary restrictions. Therefore, we have tips for doing military diet with substitutions.

You’ve tried various types of diets but the weight will not shrink? maybe this is because your diet menu is not correct or you are not disciplined in running it.

Because basically in running a fast diet and the right diet, it is required for us to be disciplined in following the diet rules that we are currently doing, such as in this military diet.

First Day Menu
Breakfast: whole grain cereal + cup of green tea

Lunch: whole wheat bread + steamed chicken + cup of green tea

Dinner: 85 grams of meat + a serving of green beans + half a banana + 1 small apple + a glass of yogurt

Second Day Menu
Breakfast: toast + a boiled egg + 1 kiwi fruit

Lunch: 1 hard-boiled egg + 5 crackers + a cup of milk

Dinner: 1 carrot + a serving of cabbage + half a banana + soybeans

Third Day Menu
Breakfast ; 1 small apple + 5 crackers + cheese

Lunch: a bowl of whole-grain cereal + one hard-boiled egg + a cup of green tea

Dinner: half roasted chicken + a scoop of ice cream + half a banana or grapes

And keep in mind that in doing this military diet it must be balanced with regular exercise so that the body remains healthy and of course helps the success of this military diet as well.

Don’t forget to eat out and only eat healthy food for the diet and the nutrients you need when you’re on a diet.

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