Some Questions To Test Your Readiness To Get Married

Marriage is one of the biggest and most serious decisions in a person’s life. Because, by getting married, a person must be willing to share his life even the worst things with other people. Asking yourself before deciding to get married is very important and crucial. It affects your future with your partner. Convince yourself by making a that can provide answers from God through people you can trust. This can ease the burden on your mind and heart. To find out your readiness, try answering the questions below:

1. Are You Ready to Get Married?
You also need to know what underlies the decision you want to get married. Is the insistence of family or feel ashamed because age is not young anymore?

If that is the background of your decision to get married, you should not proceed and do not force yourself into the marriage ark.

2. Do You Really Want This Person?
You must remember that marriage is a bond where you want to spend your life together, not because you need something. There is a view that we get married because we really need or want a partner so you marry.

However, that is a wrong concept. You believe that you are married because you want that person to be a partner in your life.

3. Why Do You Want to Marry Him?
This question helps you find out what is the reason for marrying a lover. Is he the right choice for you? Once you find the answer, you can definitely decide to get married or not. Be honest with yourself.

4. Can you be with him for life?
Indeed, no one can be sure exactly whether to live together with someone until death separates. However, you still have to think twice before deciding to spend your life with someone. Especially if you can not stand the bad habits of him.

Don’t force yourself to plunge freely into marriage because you will face its bad habits, every day.

5. Do you accept him as he is?
Have you ever heard someone complain about their partner who changed and not like before when dating?

The question arises because they did not ask this question to themselves. Learning from them, you must ask if you accept him as is, even if he changes and processes according to time travel?

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