Storing Cigars In Humidors

Whether you are a certified cigar enthusiast or just curious about cigars, knowing how to store them properly is essential. Proper storage will keep your cigars fresh and alive. Once you know the basics about storing your cigars, you will be better able to keep your cigars in optimal condition for a long period. Choose top rated cigar humidors to ensure the quality of it. Most moisturizers will come with the humidifier in the container, but being able to differentiate between different types and styles of moisturizers will allow you to make the most appropriate choice. Sponge-style moisturizers are the most common, and the least expensive.

The humidor beads are made of moisture sensitive silica, and are very durable, easy to use, and can be refilled periodically to keep moisture in the humidor. A pack of humidor beads costs between $ 18 and $ 20, but likely won’t need to be replaced, just refill. To use it, you will soak it in distilled water and water it with distilled water periodically to maintain moisture. Storing them in new women’s stockings is the perfect way to store them in a humidor. Digital humidifiers are somewhat expensive, but they are also the most efficient. You can set your electric humidifier to the right specification, set it up, and forget about it.

To spice up a humidor, use the ultimate moisturizer of your choice. Either by soaking a moisture bead, sponge, or setting up a digital humidifier, and placing it in the humidor. Pour a cup of distilled water into a clean cup and place it in the humidor, then clean the humidor walls with a very damp towel. Don’t wipe, just clean it gently. Cover the humidor and leave it alone for about seven days, paying attention to temperature and humidity levels. At the end of the week, you can pull out a glass of water and you should be ready to fill the humidor with cigars.

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